How to delete an image permanently

I am relatively new to Inkdrop and would like to know if there is an easy way to actually delete the image from the database?

As far as I can tell, images remain in the database even if they are no longer linked to from a note. This is not good for storage optimization, or if we accidentally insert an image we don’t want to store in our notes.


Hi imaprot,

Thanks for the question.
Yeah, that’s a good point.
Inkdrop currently does not care about orphaned images because they are not as huge as they have to be strictly optimized.
However, it’d be possible to support cleaning up unused images automatically, like when the app is inactive.

Thanks for the quick response! :slightly_smiling_face:

Automatic cleanup sounds like a simple and maintenance free option. I think that a simple button to initiate a cleanup of orphaned images would probably work well too. It would let the user decide and keep them in control of their data.

I would definitely benefit from such a feature, although I don’t know about other users.