How to change the font size of displayed equations?


when using the math plug-in, the inline-math font size is a bit larger than standard text, whereas the displayed math using $$ delimiters is the same size as standard text. is there a way to customize the inline and displayed math font sizes?


Hi Jon,

Thank you for the question.
You can define custom stylesheets with styles.less:

To inspect elements of the math equations, enable Development Mode by selecting the Inkdrop > Preferences menu, clicking the General tab on the left hand navigation, and check the " Development Mode ", then reload the app. After that, you should get “Inspect Element” context menu by right-clicking any element on the app just like browser.

got it, thanks.

in case someone wants to make displayed math use the same font size as inline math, here’s what to add to styles.less:

.katex-display {
    font: normal 1.21em KaTeX_Main, Times New Roman, serif;
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Cool, thanks for sharing the tip!