How I Used Inkdrop

Building on the latest newsletter article by @craftzdog, I’m considering starting a series of articles about my experiences with using Inkdrop. This series serves as feedback for the Customer Education that @craftzdog discusses in the article. While this is still in preview, I’m excited to share it and would appreciate your comments and opinions. Thank you!

The Link (Preview): [Draft] How I used Inkdrop

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Hi @Oscar_Cortes ,

That looks so cool! I’m excited to read your article.
Categorizing notes based on projects is exactly what I’m doing for organizing notes as well.
Seeing that you name notebooks with numbered prefixes, I thought manual ordering notebooks would be nice to support.
Also, I’m considering supporting note templates.
Do you have multiple templates for a particular notebook? Or, do you have a template for each notebook?

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Hi @craftzdog, thanks for write and by the feedback,

Yes, I used different templates in Notebooks, especially for more personal or experimental notes and tutorials. For example, …

Now I am trying out this plugin, Inkdrop - Organizing Markdown notes made simple, to create templates.

I think that having the ability to manually order Notebooks would be a good feature!

When I have the final version of the article , I will share it.

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Great to know how you use templates for your notes!
Yeah, inkdrop-note-templates plugin is so useful in such a use case.

Looking forward to it!

Here is the article published: How I used Inkdrop
I’m excited to share it and would appreciate your comments and opinions

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Thank you for sharing it, Oscar :rocket:
I shared it on my twitter account.
The way you use tags is same as my workflow :smiley:

Currently, my notebooks and tags look like so:

I’m planning to talk about how I organize notes on my YT channel in the future.
It is going to be ‘Issue-driven note management’ or something like that.
My app and workflow are hugely inspired by GitHub Issues.
It’d be helpful to talk about that.

Thanks again for sharing your workflow!

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