How do you guys handle work-related notes?

Hi, I am currently evaluating Inkdrop as my notes app. Overall I like the features and the look and feel.

I would like to use my new notes app for personal projects and learnings, but also for work, since my file is getting really long if I want to retain all past information for reference (e.g. meeting notes, …). My preferred way of doing things would be to sync my personal notebook to note generic things on work (e.g. “How to solve recurring problem X in language Y”). But my work notes would contain company secrets, so syncing them wouldn’t be allowed, since that would also sync them onto my private machine (even though the notes are end-to-end encrypted). I didn’t find any setting to only sync some notebooks. So my only option would be to completely disable sync on my work machine and just don’t have access to my personal notes. Though I could use my personal smartphone to quickly look something up, but that is not ideal.

Are there any other options? How do you guys tackle that problem?

PS: I am aware that there were some feature requests related to this, but I want to know what other Inkdrop users do

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There is some merit to this, however, let me tell you how I handle it.
At the end of the day I end up having to keep track of two systems, my work (Jira), and then my personal notes for work (Inkdrop).

I don’t mention any company secrets in my notes and just document todos for the day/how I might go about getting a task completed (no API secrets, credentials, etc…). I think of it as a playground where unofficial notes can live that are just for me.

Then if I need to I can push some of those notes to Jira for company viewing.

If you keep meeting notes/large scale discussions about projects in your Inkdrop then at the end of the day you just have to keep them separate. I feel like thats a safe thing to do in general concerning work and personal life. Like I have a work phone and a personal phone to keep that separation.

I know thats not really an answer but maybe you could also look into hosting your own notes storage to keep it off others data centers and swap servers when you need?


Thanks for the insight. I might be able to jot down the generic stuff in Inkdrop that way.

How do you accomplish this separation? If I write the notes in Inkdrop and activate sync, they will inevitably end up on my private machine. The mentioned “company secrets” include all non-generic information, like project-related information (e.g. what we are working on) that would also be discussed in meetings.

My problem isn’t really that my notes are stored on external data centers, since they are end-to-end encrypted, and thus encrypted and decrypted locally. I just don’t want the data to sync onto my private machine for the reason mentioned above.

I was just writing about the topic you asked on the documentation :slight_smile:
It is not published yet, but here is a preview (please do not share publicly):

Also, I published how I take tech notes with plenty of examples from my actual notes here:

Hope you find them helpful!

My question was more about the compliance aspect of my company, but the article was very helpful in another aspect nevertheless. I like the analogy to GitHub issues and never thought about it that way. Now the statuses and “x of y tasks done” overview make even more sense, thanks!

Ah sorry :joy:
Yeah, it makes sense that you are worried about compliance.

The best way to solve this is to simply have two accounts for private and work if your company would pay for one.
You might think it costs too much but I would make another plan like ‘Pro’ if I were to support selective sync or multiple vaults, so the cost would be eventually the same.

All good, I might have been a bit unclear :slight_smile: Thanks also for the suggestion. That makes sense and I will keep it in mind.

Sadly, I found multiple bugs while testing and to be honest, it makes me feel like Inkdrop is a bit too fragile, which isn’t what I’d want for my note taking app. Don’t get me wrong, I like the general look and feel of the app and can definitely see that you worked really hard on making Inkdrop. But as much as I want to like Inkdrop (especially notebooks, task management and note status), those bugs and the missing links feature between notes make me think twice about it.

On a related note: On several occasions in this forum you said that links between notes aren’t a use case for a note taking app or that you don’t use it and thus won’t implement it. But following your analogy of issue-driven note-taking compared to GitHub, links between notes could actually make sense. You can link to other issues in a GitHub issue – for example when they depend on each other or even just to clarify something. I don’t want to push you into something, but maybe that is something to consider for the future :wink:

And thank you for taking the time to read my messages and respond. I really appreciate that!

Is it possible to share the bugs you found in the :tipping_hand_man:t2:Support category? I am happy to look into them.

Yeah, I sometimes want backlinks myself recently. That’s a good point.
I don’t know everything. I always looking for better solutions and my mind can be changed.
So, your feedback is always appreciated.

There are sooooooo many alternative note apps, so please take your time to pick the best one for you!

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