How do I use tags?

All right. A noob question. How do I use tags properly?

I created a notebook called PHP. I have notes in there. Do I need to tag each note with PHP under PHP notebook?

How do you use tag efficiently?




Tags are popular in note-taking apps.
They’re kind of too flexible, even for me, so many people have trouble in using them.
By the way, Evernote’s documentation provides good examples about using tags.
I’d like to quote it:

What can I do with tags?

Tags let you add keywords to notes, making them easier to find and browse when you’ve got a lot of them. Use tags when a note might apply to more than one category or when you want to filter results in a certain notebook by a keyword. You could use tags to associate notes with categories, memories or locations.


  • Project management: Add a tag to identify the project state (active, next, completed) or to the spec number or feature.
  • Task management: Add a priority label to notes (p1, p2, p3).
  • Recruiting: Add a tag for the location of a position or the hiring manager (nyc, tokyo).
  • Research: Add a tag for the relevant company or project

Inkdrop tags would work in the same way. Hope this helps.

Thanks for the link.