How can i add a parse in codeblock or replace a custom block on preview?

Hello, I am developing a plugin that is similar to mermaid or the graphql parse when a code block is created.



What I am looking for is to add it natively and that I can change the block in the preview or if not create something custom like this


I’m writing it here because I’ve been testing for a long time but I can’t find the right way to capture the text and move only the block I want.

Do you know if this functionality already exists to be used or must be created from scratch?

Hi lofidev,

Thanks for the question.
You can define a custom codeblock language just like Marmaid plugin does:

API reference:

Hope that helps.

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Really thankful. I was able to complete my functionality. :zipper_mouth_face:

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Yeah, and cool to see your plugin!

Thanks :smiley:

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