Hotkey to open/show Inkdrop

It would be very helpful to configure a Hotkey to Open/show de Inkdrop.

When I’m working and just need to search for a snippet, it is much more efficient if I have a shortcut configured to open inkdrop and start using.
This feature would be really appreciated to increase productivity.

Hi Gustavo,

Thank you for the suggestion.
I assume that you are on macOS, which supports binding a hotkey to launch an application with Automator.
This page would be helpful:

Hey, thank you for your fast answere @craftzdog !
Actually what I was thinking is more like this:
“Hide/Show” instead of “Launch Application”.

I configured a shortcut to show/hide Inkdrop. Actually this is not the same experience of applications that has this options natively. It has a delay before open… But anyway It helped!
If in the future you could include this option natively, it would be very welcome! Because snippets applications are called a lot of times during the work day :grin:
And developers try to avoid mouse :sweat_smile:

Good to hear it works!
Yeah, it has a small delay and that would be annoying.
I am actually used to switch apps with cmd+tab but it does not always solve the issue…
So it would be nice to support configuring global keymaps like so:

  'cmd-shift-x': 'application:show-and-focus-main-window'

That’s what I mean!! :star_struck:

Supported as of v4.0.0-beta.8. Here is the documentation:

Thanks for the suggestion!

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Hi, this worked for me however for me it’s missing the “Toggle” functionality. So when Inkdrop is open, pressing this keyboard shortcut would then hide the window.

Switching from Quiver and it was really handy to have one global key shortcut to both show and hide Quiver so I could toggle it in and out when working on other things.

Small thing I know but it really does improve my workflow day to day.


Hi Jacques,

Thank you for the suggestion. Yeah it would come in handy but I think Cmd-H to hide the window is sufficient.

+1 for adding the toggle functionality as @Jacques_Crocker said.
I agree that ⌘H is sufficient but personally, I prefer a hotkey for toggling window’s visibility rather than ⌘H. As one of the use cases, when typing ⌘H twice accidentally, another app’s window is hidden and I feel it’s annoying.
Also, currently I mainly use Quiver (another note-taking app) and that app has this feature. Some apps that I use every day (e.g. Air Mail, Dash, 1Password, Spotlight) also have it. (though they are not for taking notes.) So I hope Inkdrop will also provide this as an alternative solution for solving this issue. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for creating this great app.

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Okay, I’ll add application:toggle-main-window command in the next release!


Wow thanks, I’ll move to Inkdrop from Quiver! :smile:

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application:toggle-main-window is now supported in v4.3.2. Thanks!


Great! It works perfectly for me. Incredibly fast work, thank YOU!

@craftzdog, do you think this feature can be nicer? Because I realized that what this feature does for now is just to hide one window and it doesn’t hide Inkdrop app. Yeah, I know that’s what I was expecting before… But I’m so sorry, actually I found it a little bit weird. Furthermore, if more than 2 windows are displayed, this feature will work only for one of those.

So I’m wondering if this action was changed like that when it’s fired then:

  • If Inkdrop is active > it’ll work like ⌘H
  • If Inkdrop is inactive > it’ll make Inkdrop active and show all windows

Actual code would be like this:

if NSRunningApplication.current.isActive {
} else {
    options: [.activateAllWindows, .activateIgnoringOtherApps])

FYI, other apps I previously mentioned adopt this behavior.

Again, thanks for implementing this feature very fast!

Ah that makes sense. Well, how about this behavior?

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Works great for me, thanks for the update!


Thanks @craftzdog. I confirmed that that IS what I actually wanted. Definitely amazing work! Thanks so much!

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