Highlight the search result also in Preview mode


I make a suggestion here, I mainly use Inkdrop to store and search into notes.

When I use the global search, the searched word is displayed surrounded by a yellow square in the note, which is very convenient, however this is not the case in preview mode, I have to read the note to try to see where the search result was.

I’m in edit mode only when I create a note, otherwise I am always in preview mode.

Is there a solution?


  • Platform: Linux Mint 19.3
  • App Version: (4.4.0-beta.2)

Hi Roberto,

Thank you for the suggestion.
Yeah it would be nice to have but it would be hard to support.
Electron has findInPage API which allows you to do the exact thing but it finds text in a whole app, so it is not usable. It does not let us find within a particular selector like only preview pane, unfortunately.
So it seems that we have to extend Markdown renderer to highlight given text.
remark-mark-plus looks doing the similar thing.
Maybe planned in the next roadmap.

It would be nice to have this solution. Thanks

Good news: Basyura-san created a plugin that lets you search in preview pane:



Excellent news, thanks!