Highlight line?


I want to highlight the editing line like this image:

Do we have such kind of features?

Hi Hiroaki-san,

Thanks for the suggestion.
Currently it is not supported but will consider supporting as this should be the basic feature of editor.

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It’s good. It shoud get better if can highlight the gutter number too.

You can try the pre-released version here:

It works just like so:

To enable it, go to Preferences -> Editing and toggle Highlight Active Line:

@Yuko_Otawara Of course, you can change the gutter style of the active line. For example:

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I apologize ahead of time for replying in Japanese.


Default Dark Syntax で以下のような表示になりました。

Matsuyama さんの載せているキャプチャでは正常に見えるので、不思議ですが…。

ひとまずこの状況を踏まえ、 Material Dark Mod Syntax では以下のような CSS を適用してみようかと考えています。

    /* Active Line Highlight support */
    .CodeMirror-activeline {
      .CodeMirror-activeline-background, .CodeMirror-activeline-gutter {
        background-color: fade(@base03, 20%) !important;
      .CodeMirror-linenumber {
        color: @base06;



Thanks for the feedback!
Yeah, it seems that is due to code-fold plugin, I guess.
But your CSS would look nicer, so I will update the default themes in the next release.
Thanks again!

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Landed in v4.6.1 :tada: