Get a random focus on random places of the list of notebooks

Bug report

When app comes to foreground or even coming from a note to the list of notes I get the copy/select/paste menu from android


  • Platform: Android
  • Platform version: Pixel 6a android 14
  • App Version: 5.1.1

How to reproduce

Have a list of notes
1.- go in to one of the notes
2.- press back with the navigation system from android
3.- when the list of notes are displayed I get a haptics vibration and then the menu of copy/paste/select is displayed in random places

Hi Rafael,

Thanks for the report.
Yeah, that’s one of the annoying behaviors of Android :frowning:
For some reason, Android retains the cursor focus on the webview even if blur() gets called.
I always try to suppress that context menu but haven’t managed to do it at the moment.
When I find a workaround, I’ll fix it soon.

Oh I see, I appreciate your effort and thank you for answering during these times that you were going to be absent. Take care of your health.
I love Inkdrop and be sure that I’ll still be here when is fixed for android :).

I guess we can consider this ticket as solved for the moment.


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