Forum Support Icon display unsuported

Small thing I noticed the icon used for the support label is this Emoji 4.0 one:

But that type is not supported on all browsers, maybe this one is better:

As it has better support and won’t display as this like the other one on older systems:

Thank you for letting me know.
You are right but I would like to use those emojis as npm does:

The NPM one does not add the male attribute, its using Emoji 2.0 which has better support, to it so it looks a little better:


I am used to seeing unsupported emojis but it might confuse some other users on older systems. :wink:
Someone might think its trying to say support for white males only now. :joy: I’m kidding.

This topic can be closed then. :+1:

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I just wanted to say, me, a man(not woman) is providing user support :sweat_smile:haha

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