Formatting Issue after bulletpoint list

Hey Everyone,

Maybe I am doing something wrong, but I am using inkdrop for about 1 year now and this issue appears for the first time for me.

The screenshot should explain the issue perfectly - but in short:
After I created a bulletpoint list, the next headline I tried to create is formatted incorrectly. However, in the preview it is correct displayed as headline - only in the markdown editor not.

Does someone had the same issue?

Platform: OSX (Sonoma 14.4.1)

Greetings from Switzerland

This issue does not occur for me. Maybe you can also share the Markdown that is visible on the screenshot as text, then I would also test it with that.
Could it be due to an unusual combination of whitespaces or something similar?

Platform: Ubuntu 22.04

I was able to reproduce it (Windows 10). Apparently, the parser is waiting for the closing tag when it sees, for example, <String, Integer>.

I guess Dmitry is right - <String, Integer> is recognized as an HTML tag. It should be escaped with backtick ‘`’.