Footnotes inline notes don't have numberings

Bug report

  • If it’s an official plugin:

The Footnotes plugin has one issue. The references to the footnotes are not numbered in the preview (after their order of appeareance in the text), while they are numbered in the footnote section.

I am using the latest version of the plugin.


  • Platform: (Linux Debian)
  • Platform version: (Debian GNU/Linux 10 -stable version)
  • App Version: (5.3.0)


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Hi Aleksandar,

Thank you for the report. I’ve updated the footnote plugin. Could you try it?
I can see it works fine now:


Thanks for your follow up.

I have updated the plugin to the latest version, but it still does not work, please see the uploaded images.

I also see from your uploaded image that it does not work neither with your system. As you see from your image, the reference with the name “longnote” is not displayed in the preview text as 2, but is displayed as longnote. The same goes for my sample text. In the preview, the references are not numbered sequentially, but have names Footn-NUMBER. It is only in the Footnote section that they are numbered.

Do you see the problem?

Kind regards,

It looks like inline notes don’t support numbering.
I think it’d be a design rather than a bug.
This plugin is just a small wrapper of remark-footnotes.
Footnotes are not a standardized syntax in CommonMark.
If you don’t like the behavior, you can report it to the author.

Thanks for your reply. I think that I will report this to the author.

According to the official Plugin page, you get the impression that inline references are numbered. The images show that the inline references are numbered in the preview panel.

Anyway thanks for checking it out.

Best regards,

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Maybe I guess the behavior of the inline notes has been changed since the first version released a year ago. Thanks!