Font (Screen) Zooming

HI, I started free trial a few days ago, and I feel that it is excellent for developers except for one thing.
It is that the font size is too small for my screen and View > Increase / Decrease Font Size seems not to work.

I tried to modify body's font-size by developer tools, and it almost worked, but font-size of some UI elements are fixed by px unit.

It would be nice if Inkdrop would support screen zooming. I think it is enough to support 200% zooming.



Thank you for the suggestion.
You can set zoom level to 200% with following JavaScript:

var w = require('electron').webFrame

Since it’s a minor option, it’d be nice to be a plugin for zooming support.

I tried the code and confirmed that it works well!

Since it’s a minor option, it’d be nice to be a plugin for zooming support.

Yeah, I think I can create a plugin like that. The pluggable feature of Inkdrop is also awesome.
Thank you for your support!

good to know that!
I’m looking forward to seeing your plugin :wink:

@craftzdog, thank you for including the code to adjust the zoom level for the whole app. Using your code I was able to rig up some simple shortcuts to scale the whole app up or down depending on which monitor I have Inkdrop on.

As far as I can tell there isn’t a plugin for zoom support yet. I’d be happy to give it a shot if you think it’ll be helpful.

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@scissorsneedfoodtoo Yeah it’ll be great to have for users like you!

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Awesome, sounds great! I’ll check out your docs and see what I can come up with.

Hi @craftzdog, hope everything’s going well on your end. I was able to make a bit of progress on this plugin today.

The basic functionality is there – now you can scale the UI up or down with Ctrl-= and Ctrl--, respectively. You can also reset the scaling with Ctrl-0.

But I have a couple of quick questions. First, I don’t have a Mac to test the shortcuts on. Should I go ahead and add some alternative shortcuts like Cmd-=? I believe the export-print plugin does something like that. Please feel free to suggest any alternative shortcuts :slight_smile:

Also, it might be a bit outside the scope of this plugin, but I thought it’d be cool to have some settings for the plugin in the “Preferences” > “Plugins” > “Zoom Plugin” menu. Maybe something to set the base zoom level and adjust the zoom factor every time you use the zoom in or out shortcuts.

Is there a way to add some settings there? I took a look at the spell-checker plugin, but I wasn’t able to figure out which code adds the language selection dropdown to that plugin’s settings menu.

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Hi @scissorsneedfoodtoo, that’s great news.

Yeah, Ctrl modifier can be usually replaced with Cmd on macOS.
But currently, Ctrl-= & Ctrl– on Windows and Linux, Cmd-= & Cmd– on macOS are already bound with the commands window:increase-font-size & window:decrease-font-size.
Are you sure you want to overwrite them? Just FYI.
If you’d consider alternative shortcuts, I’d suggest Ctrl-Alt-= & Ctrl-Alt– on Windows and Linux, Cmd-Alt-= & Cmd-Alt–.

You can define settings for your plugin:

Hope that helps!

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@craftzdog, awesome, thank you for suggesting those shortcuts and for the link. I’ll definitely look into defining the setting there.

Sorry, I forgot to mention that I’m using alternative shortcuts for window:increase-font-size and window:decrease-font-size.

Right now the plugin uses Ctrl-= and Ctrl– to increase or decrease the scaling of the entire app.

I also reassign window:increase-font-size and window:decrease-font-size to Ctrl-shift-= and Ctrl-shift-=.

Does that sound okay? Or would it be better to go with Ctrl-Alt-= and Ctrl-Alt–?

I think either is ok if you documented it in the README!

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Great! Sounds good.

I’ll definitely make sure to document all of this in the plugin’s README file.

Hi @craftzdog, thank you for your patience on this. I finally got around to publishing the first version of this plugin.

Right now it’s very simple, with just a few keybindings and functions. I’ll definitely look into defining settings for the plugin and expanding functionality in future versions.

Here’s the repo for the plugin:

Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to improve it!

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Awesome! Thank you for creating the plugin XD
It worked smoothly on my mac!

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That’s great! Thank you for your guidance and for testing the plugin out on your Mac. Hope it’s useful for you and anyone else who downloads it :slight_smile:

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