Focused Notebook does Not update status counts when note status set

Bug report

If I have a notebook with an un categorized note in it and focus in on that notebook by pressing the right facing chevron, I get a view that is focused on that notebook with a list of statii on the left side and the count associated with the number of notes in them.

If I select the note and set its status to “active” the count next to the active ring does not increase by 1. I will increase to one if I navigate back to the top level of the left hand most navigation section and refocus on the same notebook again.

If you got a problem, please check if you got any error in the console log by selecting the menu: Developer -> Toggle Developer Tools.

  • There were no errors to be found that I can see in the console.


  • Platform: (macOS/Windows/Ubuntu/iOS/Android)
  • Platform version: (Mojave/10/16.04)
  • App Version: (3.9.0)


  1. Create new notebook named “Bob”
  2. Create a new note titled “Stella”
  3. Place Stella in notebook Bob.
  4. Focus in on notebook bob so you can see the 4 discs with “Active”, “On Hold”, “Completed”, and, “Dropped”
  5. Note that the count next to each one of them is 0
    6 Select note Stella, and change the status of the note to “Active”
  6. Observe that the number to the right of the ‘Active’ text is still 0

Hi James,

Thank you for reporting it.
Confirmed that it is a bug! It’ll be fixed in the next version. Thanks again!

Fixed in v4.2.0.
Thanks again for reporting!