Floating keyboard may break the editor body on iPad app

Bug report


  • Platform: iPadOS
  • Platform version: 15.0.2
  • App Version: Latest-V4.2.0(95)

How to reproduce

  1. Open Editor screen
  2. Edit note
  3. Make float my keyboard
  4. Move keyboard to upper side to overlay my notes
  5. Then, note will be hidden. Only the title can be seen.

Restart app solves this issue, so I don’t have any troubles now. This workaround is enough for me.

Hi Shinji,

Thank you for the report. This is a known issue in the webview-based editor.
As you may know, I’m working on building a native Markdown editor for mobile platforms right now:


And it’s expected to be solved with the native implementation.


Yes, that workaround works!

But the toolbar disappears🤔

Fixed in v4.2.3 :tada: