I am missing FlashCard functionality in Inkdrop.

I am using Inkdrop mostly to take permanent notes, as my single goto place. But then to grok it, I have to use some kind of external app and make shorter basic flashcards.

Currently, I am using Anki, but my notes are getting increasingly fragmented across Inkdrop and Anki.

Given the nature of the Inkdrop app, I think FlashCard functionality fits in really well, almost like a hand in glove. Especially for students and self-learners.

Here’s how I envision FlashCard usage in Inkdrop:

Simple usage:

Manually add a front and a back for a card. Simple CRUD.

Advanced usage:

Maybe one can simply highlight an existing paragraph(back) and frame a question(front) for it. Then it will be added as a Flashcard to a deck of our choice.

Takuya, please consider it.


Hi Ashish,

Thank you for the suggestion.
Yeah, I understand that the Flashcard feature is great for learning things on Inkdrop.
Since it depends on the personal preference, it would be nice to be a plugin.
I remember that someone was interested in making a plugin for Anki on our Discord server.
If you are interested in making it, I’d be happy to help you.
I’d like to focus on improving the core features instead of adding new features at the moment as I wrote the roadmap here.

Hello Takyua,

To be honest, right now, I don’t have the bandwidth to work on this side project.

But really this is about getting away from Anki and not connect to Anki.

All my notes are already inside Inkdrop and the idea is to curate Flashcards from within those notes.

After writing the feature request, I figured out Kindle (for Mac) is already doing this. Except that it doesn’t have syntax highlighter built-in (so it’s pretty useless for me).

If in future, someone wants to implement Flashcards plugin in Inkdrop, taking feature inspiration from Kindle for Mac/PC would be just fine.

Okay, it’s not for the Anki integration.
So, you want just flashcards that randomly display notes.
I hope someone will work on it. I shared it on the Discord server.

https://mochi.cards - markdown based flashcards, if not seen/mentioned.

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Looks nice - Thanks for letting us know!

https://getpolarized.io/ uses GPT-3 to generate flashcards from your notes (another idea :smiley:)

Whoa, looks great. I wish I could use it with Kindle books.