Finding sub-notes in parents folder

Hi @craftzdog

I wanted to report that when you create a sub-notebook and if you add notes parent and child notebook separately it shows separately as well.

My expectation is when I create a sub-notebook I would like to see in parent notebook as well and when I go details it should be specific notes.

So I would like to ask you, can we see child notes in parent notebooks as well

Hi Erdem,

Thank you for the suggestion.
Basically notebooks behave like folders, which only show contents themselves directly have.
I personally don’t like the feature to include notes in child notebooks.
You will want a filter to see only notes in a parent notebook.
But you can do the same thing by adding tags to notes instead of creating sub-notebooks.

Plus one for this feature (if it can be added/worked on!)

Yep, it is planned in the current roadmap :slight_smile: