Find and Replace all?

Hi, I’m new to Inkdrop (I love it!) and I was wondering if there is an option to replace all found text? Currently in the UI there is only a “Replace” button to replace a single occurence of the found string.

It’s something I use a lot everyday, so if it’s not available yet I will try to write a simple plugin :slight_smile:

Thank you

Hi Niko,

Thanks for the question.
To replace all the occurrences, hold Cmd on macOS and Ctrl on Windows and Linux and then click the ‘Replace All’ button or hit the Enter key:

Hope that helps!

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What an obvious solution :see_no_evil:. Thank you a lot!!

by the way: the ‘Replace All’ button gets covered up by the floating editor actions, maybe this can be improved in future versions :slight_smile:


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You are right! Thanks for the feedback.