Filtering by status:dropped does not work within notebooks, only on "All Notes" root view

Bug report


  • Platform: Windows
  • Platform version: 11 Pro x64
  • App Version: 5.8.0

How to reproduce

  1. Create a note in a notebook (default “Inbox” is good enough)
  2. Edit that note, and update its status to “Dropped”
  3. Filter the notebook’s list with status:dropped, note that the note does not show up
    • opening “All Notes” and filtering by status:dropped shows the note
    • opening the “Dropped” view from the sidebar shows the note
    • whichever way we use to find the note, it explicitly says it is contained within the notebook it was created in, however we can never discover it using the status:dropped filter within that notebook (focused or not)

Why it matters to me

One of my uses for the “dropped” status is to track project ideas and remove some from my list, while still keeping them around to enable me to retrieve them later. Since the default view filters away dropped items, it’s a perfect fit, and does not require additional plugins/modifications.
Having a way to search for dropped items within a specific notebook seems overall reasonable.

I am assuming this is caused by the default notebook list view filtering dropped items out, even if the search query requests them, making this behavior a bug caused by the two features interacting in an unexpected way.

Thank you!

Hi Dan,

Thanks for the detailed feedback. I understood the issue.
You are right, the current behavior is just to filter the current note list items when you are on a notebook/workspace view and the default filter excludes the completed and dropped status notes.
So, as you pointed out, the default filter still gets applied to the query even if you specify one of those statuses. It makes the query invalid and you will always hit no notes, which should be considered as a bug.
I agree that it’d be more straightforward if the app deals with it correctly.

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