Filter should prefer titles over content?

Right now it seems that the filter box that is in the 2nd column under the notebook name, prefers the content of notes over the title of a note - by a LOT. Honestly the filter results I get don’t make a lot of sense to me overall.

My use case for Inkdrop is meeting notes. So I create a note for each meeting, or each meeting series.

If I filter for the word “product”, the 1st result is a note from a month ago with single instance of “product” as part of a URL. Where as I have other notes older and newer with more standalone mentions of “product”. In fact I have one note with at least 3 mentions of “product” updated 18 hours ago.

However my big issue is that I’m looking for my “Product Engineering Standup” meeting note. It isn’t until I type in “Product Engineering Stan” that I get the note I’m looking for as first result. If I search for as little as “Product Engineering”, the first result is “Security Engineer Questions” which a single mention of “product” in the content and nothing else that matches.

And yes, I do use the tags so I can find some things. But it would be nice if I could better filter for the results I’m looking for. Example: If I type a persons name into the filter, I’d generally expect a note with that name in the title to show up before notes with that persons name in the content. If I put their name in the note title, clearly that’s the most important.

Hi Jon,

Thanks for the question.
The bm25-based ranking algorithm weights titles over bodies already.
If you are not happy with the search result, you can use “title:” qualifier instead.