Feature that reminds users of random pieces of knowledge

I think Inkdrop is excellent for storing, organizing, and filtering information, especially technical stuff. But that is also its limitation.

The quantity of information stored would increase substantially with time, and we would likely forget much of it without active recall and review.

Other note-taking apps have already implemented evidence-based remembering techniques like spaced repetition, namely RemNote and Notion. I think Inkdrop should do the same. This lack of features is one of the things that prevents me from switching entirely to Inkdrop.

My recommended feature: randomly pick up highlights from the notes along with their context and show them in notifications/emails at predefined intervals (daily/weekly/monthly/etc).
+ Inkdrop is already available on multi-platforms, and is mark-down based, so adding supports for highlights should be easy.
+ The highlights can be picked up randomly, or based on the user’s preferences (e.g. pick up highlights from the notes that are tagged with “important”).

Here are some references from RemNote and ReadWise

Hi Tung,

Thanks for the suggestion.
I use ReadWise myself and love it. So, I understand it’d be nice to have reminders for your notes.
However, it requires extending the Markdown syntax. Inkdrop doesn’t want to break the compatibility with other MD-based tools. That is the core concept of Inkdrop.
Secondly, every tech note doesn’t need to be reminded (as you mentioned about tagging). It makes sense to support it in ReadWise and RemNote because their core concepts are to help you remember things. But Inkdrop is not.

So, it’d be nice to be a third-party plugin.
I’m afraid that it’s not what I want to focus on in this project.

There is a plugin that extends Markdown to highlight text called mark-text by @Taylan_Tatli. You could create another plugin based on it.

Thank you for your response! I might try to create a plugin that supports this feature later.

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