Feature refinement: Tag groups


(Hoopy Frood) #1

With time I see the number of my tags growing out of proportion and eventually cease to be useful. To prevent this I would appreciate to have a feature in Inkdrop to sort my tags into groups. With tag groups we could have folders with descriptive names in the sidebar that would extend to show a list of similar tags. I think you get the idea. Any chance to see something like that in the future?

Regards, Hoopy

(Takuya Matsuyama) #2

Hi Hoopy,

As always, thank you for the suggestion.

Evernote and OmniFocus have exactly what you want.
However, in my experience, tag groups won’t work for managing notes.
I tried it on Evernote and OmniFocus but failed.
It is too annoying to manage tags.
The best way I found to solve this problem is to simplify them.
I guess you have some tags that have only a few notes.
You can remove them.