Exporting as HTML with dark theme

To my knowledge I haven’t seen any plugin, feature or setting for inkdrop that allows you to export as HTML using dark-mode or your current style?
If this isn’t a feature already I feel like it’d be a cool addition to add an option to customize your HTML theme.

Hi tyris,

Thanks for the suggestion.
The ‘dark mode’ is tightly relied on the UI themes, not preview themes.
So, it’s hard to support applying UI themes to exported HTML by design.
Instead, you could make a custom preview theme based on the default one:

Or, a quick solution would be to apply a custom stylesheet with styles.less like so:

.mde-preview {
  background: black;
  color: white;

Oh darn I didn’t notice that!
Many thanks!
Also loving the tool so far, really clean and it’s got a nice feel to it, I haven’t felt this motivated to write documentations for programs and findings for a while now.

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Happy to know you enjoy it so far :smiley: