Exporting all notes does not preserved any change "Created At" metadata

Bug report

When exporting all notes from Inkdrop, the contents of the markdown files are fine, but the metadata for the creation date will be incorrect for some exported notes.

Inkdrop has a feature to modify the creation date of a note (by changing the “Created At” metadata). So when Inkdrop exports all notes to markdown, I would expect that this changed creation date would propagate to the exports, but that’s not the case. The reason I change the creation dates of some notes is because I sometimes manually import old notes into Inkdrop that were created before I started using Inkdrop.

I suspect the export feature is using the creation date of the Inkdrop note before changing the “Created At” metadata. Having the “Export → All Notes” feature propagate all the changed creation dates would be very helpful for backup and archiving purposes. Appreciate your time. :slight_smile:


  • Platform: macOS
  • Platform version: Catalina
  • App Version: 5.4.3


  1. Open Inkdrop (presuming there are notes in there)
  2. Pick a random note and modify the “Created At” metadata to “2000-01-01 00:00:00” (which is clearly a date when Inkdrop didn’t exist yet)
  3. Go to “File → Export → All Notes…”
  4. Select an empty folder to export all the notes
  5. Open the folder in your file browser where you just exported all the notes
  6. Find the markdown file of the note whose “Created At” metadata you changed
  7. Read the file’s metadata using the file browser (you may have to adjust your file browser’s view settings to be able to see this)
  • Expected: The creation date of that markdown file should be something like “Jan 1, 2000”

  • Actual: The creation date of that markdown file is much more recent, most likely the date when that note was created in Inkdrop before modifying the “Created At” date.

Hi Jibran,

Thank you for the report.
Inkdrop touches the exported files with updatedAt metadata as you can see in the source code:

That changes both their “created date” and “last modified date”.
Unfortunately, NodeJS doesn’t support setting different values for each “created date” and “modified date”:


So, can you please use “Updated At” metadata instead?

Hi Takuya san,

I appreciate the quick response. Having read your explanation, I now understand the limitation that are unfortunately present in NodeJS’s ability to change certain file metadata.

Since I give more importance to the “Created At” metadata over “Updated At”, I don’t mind using the latter to indicate when a note was actually created, for the purposes of exporting. Thanks again

Thanks for your understanding!