Export to .md should use relative paths to attachments

Bug report

Given I’ve a markdown file with attachments
And I export it to .md,
When I upload the folder with .md and attachments to a github page (or move the folder elsewhere on disk)

Expected behavior

Then the page should load with attachments (the paths are relative to the folder)

Actual behavior

Then the attachments don’t load, as the paths are absolute


  • Platform: macOS
  • Platform version: Mojave
  • App Version: 4.3.3


A markdown file with copied images (![clipboard.png](inkdrop://file:bs1c8Q8_B))
File -> Export -> As Markdown
Save in a folder
Move folder elsewhere
Open the markdown, check the attachments

Hi Lennart,

Thank you for the report.
Yeah, it seems that paths to image files should be relative to exported file.
Will fix it.

v4.3.4 uses relative paths for images in exported files.
Thanks again for reporting!

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Works great, many thanks!

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