Export selected notes ( as Markdown )

(Takushi Hashida) #1


If I understand correctly, there are features to export “All notes” into plan text and “single individual note” as PDF / HTML.
Can I have a feature that simply export the selected note as a Markdown format?

Also there is no feature that export selected multiple notes, even in PDF / HTML menu.
If I select some notes, I only see commands say Move to Notebook… and Move to Trash.
The menu of export cannot be added here?

(Takuya Matsuyama) #2

Hi Hashida-san,

Thanks for the suggestion.
I think you are right, it’d be great to have a feature for exporting selected notes as desired formats including .md.
I will plan to support it.

(Takushi Hashida) #3

Thank you for your quick response :blush:

(Takuya Matsuyama) #4


Exporting individual notes are now supported in v3.18.0.
Thanks for the suggestion!