Export selected notes ( as Markdown )


If I understand correctly, there are features to export “All notes” into plan text and “single individual note” as PDF / HTML.
Can I have a feature that simply export the selected note as a Markdown format?

Also there is no feature that export selected multiple notes, even in PDF / HTML menu.
If I select some notes, I only see commands say Move to Notebook… and Move to Trash.
The menu of export cannot be added here?

Hi Hashida-san,

Thanks for the suggestion.
I think you are right, it’d be great to have a feature for exporting selected notes as desired formats including .md.
I will plan to support it.

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Thank you for your quick response :blush:


Exporting individual notes are now supported in v3.18.0.
Thanks for the suggestion!

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With version 5 exporting Markdown seems broken. When I select notes and say export to markdown, select the folder nothing happens.

Exporting to HTML works though…

correction: if the directory is empty only one note gets exported (even when multiple are selected).
when there are files in the folder nothing happens.

Hi Marco,

Thank you for reporting it.
Looks like exporting as Markdown doesn’t support multiple selections.
I’ll fix that in the next release.

Fixed in v5.1.0🎉
Thanks again for the report!

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