Export linked notes

Hello there!

I appreciate the possibility of linking notes and to view backlinks.

Would it be possible in the future to also export linked notes?
The internal inkdrop link could be converted to a relative one to the new markdown file of the other note.

Looking forward hearing your thoughts about it

All the best

Hi Marco,

Thanks for the suggestion.
Yeah, that’s nice to have – but some specifications should be clarified.
When exporting a single note, it is something like saving a webpage into a local disk where other pages linked from the page are not saved. This is the current behavior.
If you’d like to export internal linked notes, you have to specify how they should be exported.
Because the linked notes can be in a different notebook, and they could also have other linked notes.
It is a bit easier to deal with it when you want to export a notebook, like how live-export allows you to specify the directory structure.
There are various preferences when exporting multiple notes.
However, as I don’t regularly export notes, I don’t have a concrete idea or usecase of this feature.