Error when using two extensions. Chartjs and Markmap

Hello everyone. I am a new user of this amazing application.

Can you please tell me what I have to do so that the code blocks can be rendered to make graphs with chartjs, when trying to see a graph I get the following error.


And when installing Markmap now I get this error every time I open the app.


I appreciate your comments.

Hi @anon87683046 and welcome to the community, in recent versions of Inkdrop “prop-types” was removed and any plugins using it will break. See here: `prop-types` has been removed in v5.5.3 · Issue #11 · jmerle/inkdrop-plantuml · GitHub

The only two ways to fix this are to either downgrade your Inkdrop version or wait for the plugin to be updated to continue using it. A good start would be to contact the author of the package and ping them about the prop-types change.

As for the first error I am not sure, @Lukas or @craftzdog could provide more light on that.

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chartjs is created by @elpnt
I guess the error is caused by react-resize-aware.

markmap is created by @John_Kelley
As @NotApplicable mentioned, it can be easily fixed just by removing the dep on prop-types.
It was for improving the app launch speed.

Could you guys look into it?

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@anon87683046 @craftzdog thanks for your report.

I patched my Chart.js plugin v1.3.5 and it might work well.
If you still have the issue please inform me on this thread or the plugin repository(GitHub - elpnt/inkdrop-chartjs: Inkdrop plugin for Chart.js)

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@elpnt Whoa, that was quick! Thank you so much for fixing this!

Thanks for that update. It’s working wonderfully. :+1:

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Hello @craftzdog @elpnt , it’s me, again.
I tried to reinstall the plugin but the version 1.20 that was causing the error is installed.

How can I update it?

You can update the outdated plugins from Preferences → Plugins/Updates