Error when attempting login on Ubuntu

Bug report

When logging in to the Ubuntu app (installed via downloaded .deb), I receive the following error:
Error message: certificate has expired Please check your system configuration or report the problem. Status code: (no status code)
This happened on 5.3.1 a few times, then I downloaded the updated 5.4.2 and got the same problem. Have tried several times throughout the day.

My login on mobile is just fine.

I did attempt to download the snap instead of the .deb when reinstalling, and that app failed to open. Not as concerned about that at this point, just trying to get logged in to the app.


  • Platform: Ubuntu
  • Platform version: 20.04
  • App Version: 5.3.1, 5.4.2


Attempt to log in to the Inkdrop app on Ubuntu (using correct credentials).

I’m looking into it.
I’ll update on this thread here:

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