Error: Unexpected account status

Bug report

I have recently upgraded to macOS High Sierra. After the upgrade I have loaded up Inkdrop to see a red box in the bottom left hand corner that says “Error Unexpected account status”
I am not able to create any new notes and I cannot log out, to try and log back in again.


  • Platform: macOS
  • Platform version: High Sierra 10.13.4
  • App Version: 3.20.0


Upgrade from Sierra to High Sierra
Load Inkdrop

I have just loaded up the Inkdrop app on my Windows PC and it is also showing this error.

Oops, I have made a little change regarding the authentication on the server today. It should be a cause of the problem.
Could you try again?


It looks like it is working for me again now.
Thanks for sorting that out.

Hi Aiden,

Good to hear that!
Thank you for reporting.

It has occured for me from today.
A Mac can’t sync, but another one can sync.

Platform: macOS
Platform version: High Sierra 10.13.5
App Version: 3.20.1

(Another mac is High Sierra 10.13.4, App version 3.20.1)

Sorry, the server was slow due to the service growth. I’m upgrading the server now.

The maintenance has been completed. Could you please try again?

Sorry for my late reply.
Error no longer occurs.
Thank you!!

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