Error in markdown representation

Bug report


  • Platform: Linux & Android
  • Platform version: Manjaro & Android 12
  • App Version: 5.5.0 from AUR & latest android

How to reproduce

Install new version and open Markdown Example document.

at the section line breaks:

begin example using markdown editor

Line Breaks

Here’s a line for us to start with.

This line is separated from the one above by two newlines, so it will be a separate paragraph.

This line is also a separate paragraph, but…
This line is only separated by a single newline, so it’s a separate line in the same paragraph.

end example

expected lines to be separated, but they’re not in same paragraph

same in android application

Hi Gedminiux,

Thanks for the report. Ah, the example is wrong.
CommonMark does not support line breaks with a single newline:

To insert hard line breaks, please insert two white spaces at the end of the line like so:


If you’d like to insert line breaks without needing spaces, please use breaks plugin:

I’ll fix the example.

Thanks for the explanation.

It makes sense to adjust my documents coming from notable. Plugin would make sense if I didn’t want to use the mobile application.

TIL markdown differs from tool to tool :smiley:

haha yeah Markdown has too many dialects.

The mobile version also supports breaks plugin from Preferences → Markdown Renderer → Breaks.