Equation numbering. Labelling and referencing these and other elements of the document

I would like to suggest the possibility of numbering equations. This means the possibility of assigning a number to each not-inline equation, so that we can refer to it later in the document.

This would be great.

Actually, this is somehow related to my previous question about how to cite bibliography items.

I think we need Inkdrop to include a way to label and refer to some items in the document. This could be done by using the list marker @ implemented in Pandoc’s Markdown (see https://pandoc.org/MANUAL.html#numbered-example-lists). I don’t know whether this can be used in Inkdrop or not.

See also this interesting thread in StackExchange discussing Pandoc’s crossref extension and other solutions: https://tex.stackexchange.com/questions/111868/pandoc-how-can-i-get-numbered-latex-equations-to-show-up-in-both-pdf-and-html-o/248440 .

So, may I suggest a ‘crossref’ plugin for Inkdrop??


Thank you for the suggestion.
Maybe possible, but not encouraged.

As you know, Markdown is not a kind of structured markup language, so basically you have to extend it yourself.
I guess you are looking for an app that supports Pandoc natively for writing documentation, and trying to add the same features to Inkdrop.
On the other hand, Inkdrop is designed for note-taking in Markdown where you roughly organize notes, not strictly structurize things with app-specific extended syntaxes. That’s a basic concept.
I know there are some people who want to do the same as you, but that would make the app too complicated.
I’d like to focus on improving the core features instead of broadening the concept to fill other use-cases.

So, Inkdrop itself will not plan to intensively extend the Markdown syntax.
It doesn’t even encourage doing that, while it’s technically possible.

I hope you understand.

Thank you, @craftzdog.

I understand. Actually, I appreciate how you try to keep Inkdrop simple while still being a useful and powerful tool for productivity.

It is true that I think it would be great to have the possibility of writing up documents including in-document cross-referencing, bibliography handling, etc. in Inkdrop. I can live without that for now. Maybe I will try to create a plugin in the future…

Yes… Inkdrop natively supporting Pandoc would be great. But I understand that this is not the plan.

I am posting another question to this forum to ask for how to ‘send’ a document to Pandoc.

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I noticed that other markdown editors allow for equation numbering (see Typora or HackMD, for instance), and I think this is basically because they use MathJax instead of KaTeX, am I right?

I found that you can use \tag in KaTeX:

See this PR for more detail:

Thank you! At least this allows for numbering equations in a static way.

However, it would be nicer to be able to use also \label sentence, which is the one that enables dynamic referencing.

Just published math@1.2.1, which now supports automatic equation numbers :tada:

For example:

2(x+5)-7 = 3(x-2)

2x+10-7 = 3x-6

9 = x

It will produce: