Email to add notes

Want to start auto-send my pocket highlights and other stuff to Inkdrop. Wonder if there are existing ways to do so, but if not, consider providing an API? I know you are (rightfully) very frugal about adding new features, but thought it’s at least worth adding to the back log.

Hi Samantha,

Thank you for the suggestion.
The issue is kind of complicated.
Since Inkdrop supports end-to-end encryption, API clients basically must support it as well.
To provide an API for external services that are hard to support e2ee, Inkdrop has to disable it for them.
I understand automation is very useful but we have to consider carefully about providing it.
For example, make a tiny headless Inkdrop client which you can run on a Raspberry Pi or something?

Hi Takuya,

Thanks for the reply! I do have a Raspberry Pi, but that seems to be a very high entry barrier :frowning:

Definitely understand that we don’t want to break the e2e encryption with this. Another idea came to mind is–because I only need it one way–maybe allowing users to send notes to an email address to be grabbed into notebook? Like how you can send PDFs to Kindles. Would that resolve the security concern at all? Basically just allow clients to post but never read from my notebooks seems to be more secure?

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Sending notes via email sounds interesting!
Note that your notes via email will not be encrypted in the server until you edit them on the app.
Let me consider it when planning the next roadmap :slight_smile:

Yup that’s totally fine. My use case is snippets of public content anyway. And having this email endpoint just opens the door for IFTTT / Zapier automations because almost everything can be converted to an email. Super excited for this!

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