Email Notification of Inkdrop Fee Revisions

Hi. I received an email regarding the fee revision.

I’m writing to let you know that, effective February 5th , I will be increasing the price of Inkdrop from $4.9/month ($49.9/year) to $9.8/month ($99.8/year) .

I subscribe to Inkdrop on an annual plan :slight_smile:
I renewed my plan this past January 22, in this case, will the new rates take effect on January 22, 2025?

January 22, 2024 - January 22, 2025

Or will the new rate plan be updated on its own starting February 5?

Thank you for always providing good service.

Hi Daiki-san,

Thanks for the question.
Yes, you are correct. The new price will be charged on the next billing cycle, which is Jan 22, 2025, for you!

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Ok. Thank u :kissing_heart:

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Doubling in price is a fairly significant increase. I like the app, but not sure I like it as much at double. Is there any option to purchase years in advance at current price? Or are we just stuck with whatever random renewal date we have.

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+1 for the option of pre-purchasing advance years at the current price. At the new price, it would be one of my highest subscription amounts (even more than my IDE), and I don’t use Inkdrop nearly as much to be worth it at that price.

@Robert_Jackson @Anagh_Kumar_Baranwal
I can manually renew your annual subscriptions at the current price with proration and reset the billing cycle.
DM me if you wish to proceed.

A lot of people said it was too expensive even at $5 when the first launch of Inkdrop 8 years ago. But I ignored those complaints and focused on improving the app (while Google ki**ed a lot of their services). This is the strategy for indie devs, not for big companies. I’m not going cheap.
The app will evolve with the new pricing. I will keep focusing on its sustainability.
You can revisit it a year later.

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Appreciate the product and all your hard work. But I am not a developer and wouldn’t get $100 a year of value from the product. I thought of extending it at the lower rate for a while, and I appreciate the offer, but I have decided to just let it expire and not renew. Thanks for reaching out.

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