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Hello again,

This is just another idea and feature I think would boost our productivity even more. Just a thought, is it possible to consider an editing bar that includes more elements like the project inspired on cMenu?
GitHub reference: Editing Toolbar.

Ok, maybe not the exact same toolbar but perhaps something similar (Inkdrop style) that includes some of those elements. I personally would love seeing something like font color and background colors shortcut icon in the existing Inkdrop toolbar. I barely know colors syntax in html and it’s a hassle to go to Color picker all the time to check the values for the syntax below:

<font color="#00b0f0">Test Font color</font>

<span style="background:#9254de">Test Background color</span>

Hi Guillermo,

Thanks for the suggestion.
It’d be nice to be a plugin since Inkdrop is basically a Markdown note app, which inherently doesn’t aim to support highlighting with various colors.
For the features out of the concept, they should be implemented by plugins.

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Got it! I’m afraid I am no dev so that’s outside of my scope. Perhaps, someone in the community might jump into this at some point.
In the meantime, using html for colors should suffice for now.


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FYI: You can add custom emphasis colors per notebook via CSS:

Hello Guillermo.

I am a developer. What are the tools in the toolbar you want to be added in this plugin?

@craftzdog , what would you recommend I do to implement this?

Update: I see new Plugin Developer Licenses are suspended because of upcoming breaking changes, perhaps i should start working on it when the changes are done.

Hello Mark,

Thanks for jumping into this! I know I’m kinda annoying with the Obsidian app thing…you can’t blame me, I come from another Markdown app where I was super productive for years. But it was time to change, now that I found some crucial limitations which Takuya was able to achieve for me in his app: Multiplatform sync (desktop and mobile on all different OS).
I don’t have to worry anymore for the notes syncing process and to have a different method for each platform while making sure I got my notes on my iPhone when I’m away from the desk.

So, in short, I had this idea to recreate the cMenu project or something similar to what I was using in Obsidian. I’m attaching a video for better explanation:

By the way, I’m loving Inkdrop so far and the fact that it aligns with GitHub syntax, this is something I hated in Obsidian because it did not keep the same format and syntax.

Basically “I dream of a world where we can all beat Obsidian and every technical content writer can use Inkdrop as a main Markdown editor app without missing any other limitations for productivity”.

By the way, I have not found a way to sync with GitHub to have my notes in a repo…but that’s a whole different story. I don’t want to distract you from the original sugestion I made to Takuya: A solid and more complete Toolbar for Markdown editing on PC and MacBook.

Yeah, the plugin will involve editing text, which requires using CodeMirror APIs.
But I’m planning to upgrade CM from 5 to 6, which is going to be a completely different architecture.
I don’t want you to re-work your plugins.
That’s why I’m suspending issuing developer licenses now.

Adding toolbar buttons is fairly easy.
You can use the layout manager:

The editor-toolbar layout is available:

Hi Guillermo! I will work on this once Takuya has finished the upgrade from CM5 to 6 and has the developer license program open again.

I will let you know once something testable has been created.

Do you want it to work via just HTML tags or maybe we can have our own easier to type tags for i.e. color and background?

@craftzdog , is there a recommended way to apply the colors/background in the editor mode as well so Guillermo can for example - see his different colored texts/backgrounds wihout going to preview mode?

I think good if I can grey out the HTML as well to put more emphasis on the chosen colors/backgrounds.

Looks like he has quit Inkdrop, so we are no longer able to help him.
As a Markdown note app, my recommendation is via CSS

I don’t think using a lot of HTML in your Markdown notes is a good idea here.