Easy navigation between recent notes

I have gotten used to using the CMD+e feature on ruby mine or other jetbrains type editors (other editors have the same feature behind different key bindings) where you can press CMD+e and get a list of recent notes you’ve edited in chronological order. The note that is selected, is the one that was being edited just before the current one. This allows for quick back and forth navigation between the last two notes and also some cursor navigation to select something slightly older. The additional feature this has is the search. So after typing CMD+e one can start typing the name of the note and it will suggest the notes filtered by the search terms in chronological order.

has been a valuable tool


Hi James,

Thank you for the suggestion.
You can navigate forward/back with following commands:

  • core:navigate-back
  • core:navigate-forward

These commands are also assigned with swipe mouse actions like browsers.
There are also useful commands to explore notes:

  • core:open-next-note
  • core:open-prev-note
  • core:sidebar-select-next-item
  • core:sidebar-select-prev-item
  • editor:focus-mde

You can assign them with keystrokes as you like.

I hope it’s helpful.