Double billing and invoices

As far as I see the billing data, I paid 2 times in 1 month. Is it correct?

Hi Masaki,

Thank you for the report.
Yes, that looks like you have had a duplicate subscription since Jun 2. I’ll fix it and refund them.
Do you remember the actions you did on the website?

Okay, I’ve refunded the three duplicate payments. You should have received the emails about it.
I also deleted the duplicate subscription so you won’t be double-charged in the future.
Sorry for the inconvenience!

Yeah, I got it. And also I was able to confirm these has been refund. Thank you!

Do you remember the actions you did on the website?

Hmm, let me write down what I did before as possible…

  1. I received invoice payment failed because my credit was suspended at that time (something like expired)
  2. I didn’t notice that and my account was deactivated about 1-2 days
  3. So I visited to update my credit card information
  4. Then I tried to update my credit card from old card to new one (I think new one is LINE card but I could be wrong)
  5. But I couldn’t add LINE card to Inkdrop (seemed Stripe maybe cannot accept it)
  6. So I added another VISA card to Inkdrop and then it succeeded.
  7. Then my account was reactivated.
  8. (2-3 months later) I noticed I got double invoices.

I hope this helps you.

Anyway thank you for supporting!

Thanks for the information.
According to the account activity, you’ve created two subscriptions at 10:08 AM and 10:09 AM.
I’ll check the codebase regarding billings.
Thanks again for the report!

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