Does it need a real HTTPS certificate to sync with my own compatible server?

After dozens of troubles on sync with Inkdrop’s own service behind Chinese firewall, I decided to set up my own sync server.

I have read the doc Synchronizing in the Cloud and finished my own settings.

But I get a tricky problem that I dont have a real HTTPS certificate , when I run network diagnosis, there is an error like this:

request to https://%my_server%/my-inkdrop-notes/ failed, reason: self signed certificate

So I could not sync between my PC and Android device.

What can I do ?
Could you let sync on mobile via just HTTP ?

Thank you

Hi Joe,

No, it’s highly discouraged to use HTTP for syncing.
Instead, you could use Let’s Encrypt for free SSL certs:

Hope that helps.


It works! Thank you!

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