Disappointed in transition from trial to billing

I put my payment information into inkdrop well before my trial was over. I was hoping it would see the payment information and charge me automatically when my trial expired, without impacting access to my data.

It did not.

It forced me to enter a payment method AGAIN when it prompted me to buy a license. Worse yet, I am now locked out of my notes for up to two hours while the payment goes through because I received no warning that the trial would soon expired.

Please improve this for future customers. I left a sour taste in my mouth.

Hi Evan,

Thank you for the report and for purchasing Inkdrop.
I checked your account activity and found that you haven’t added the payment information before expiring the trial for some reason, according to the Stripe dashboard:

Also, it should notify you 3 days before the trial expires but you didn’t receive it? That’s weird. Can you please check if the email from contact@inkdrop.app went to your spam folder?

When I logged in to my account, it showed I had payment information in my payment section. I had entered it into my account about a monthly ago.

It still made me enter payment information to buy a license, and since I had begun migrating to a new bank since entering the payment information that month ago I decided to use the new card number. Maybe that’s why it said it updated the payment information.

Oh and I checked my email, spam folder included, and did not see a notification about my trial expiring.

Okay, I found an event log that you’ve entered the card information on 3/12. Sorry!
The reason why you didn’t get the notification is that you’ve already entered the information.
It makes sense.

it prompted me to buy a license.

I guess that the client app prompted it when expired.
Looks like your payment process delayed for 1 hour for some reason on Stripe, which caused this issue:

It sometimes happens for various reasons and is impossible to know from my side.
But it should be avoided somehow.
I’ll fix the app to allow that delay of the Stripe payment process.

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