Delete all hyperlink and preserve the alterative text in one click

We know that Hypertext Markup Language file contains a lot of hyperlinks.

When we import the Hypertext Markup Language files into this markdown formation, many hyperlinks are also preserved.

I like your software because it’s very simple.

I do not need so many hyperlinks.

I want to remove all of hyperlinks.

I want to delete all hyperlinks, and preserve the alterative text in one click.

Because I delete the hyperlinks one by one slowly, and I am afraid to delete the text.

Thank you very much.

Hi jiunhsien,

Thank you for the suggestion.
I understand you want to omit links but that’d be a personal preference.
As it’s necessary to manipulate html data, I would recommend you to make a script which just omits links from html, using a html processor library like cheerio:

I hope it’s helpful.

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