Default system frame for Linux?


As a Fedora user (using Gnome 42) I find the current window frame really clashing with my system. I would like a way to use the default system window frame, like Telegram allows me to.


Hi Laurent,

Thanks for the suggestion.
What do you mean by ‘clashing’? Can you put a screenshot?

Of course! Here are some examples of windows on Fedora (default Gnome experience)

Notice the size of the titlebar, the fact that there is only one button (Gnome doesn’t have the concept of minimized windows), and the rounded corners.

By default Telegram uses it’s own QT titlebar, but they have a setting to use the system frame. I think Inkdrop would benefit of a similar settings for multiple reasons:

  • aesthetically, so the app feels like a native app running on my computer
  • so it’s not confusing with features not fully supported by the OS (like minimize)
  • so it works better with tiling-window manager like what pop OS has
  • so it supports right-clicking on the title bar to get the window manager menu to access features like always on top, move to other workspaces, etc.


  • so it is much easier to see whether the window has focus or not. Currently, it’s quite hard to see if Inkdrop has focus, since only the drop shadow changes a little.


Thanks for explaining that.
I’d like to keep the app consistent between platforms rather than adding platform-specific features.
Because it’s too hard to maintain for me alone and the features will be soon broken.
So, I’m afraid that it’ll be not planned.
You can use the following plugins to accomplish the features that the system window manager menu provide: