Default Notebook when I open App, Pin Notes and Export to PDF in mobile version


toogle tags

I think this to be very interesting and useful
and I am look forward to see this new feature on my Desktop/Mobile(iOS) App

I am trying to do something like “Do(Active), Doing(Holding), Done(Complete)”
and put them as the first things I can see when I open
my Desktop App and Mobile App.

Today I think to be a little bit boring open
my desktop app and mobile app and going to “Acive” because
it’s no possible move “Status” and put it on top side bar
and is needed do scroll into side bar.

But now, I believe this new feature will help me achive my goal,
because I have an “Inbox” Notebook and I will be possible
categorize my notes into this “Notebook”.

I would like to see others features like, whether them being goal Inkdrop:

  • Choose which default notebook I will see when I open my Desktop and Mobile App.
    e.g: I would like my Inkdrop Desktop/Mobile shows me my notes Inbox Notebook as Default when I open application.

  • “Pin notes” and put them on the top into notebooks or tags.
    e.g: I woud like to open my Notebook Python or Network
    and have a note on the top as default where I could put my reference
    about my studies and it does not matter how many notes I put into
    these notebooks, I would to see this note that I pin it on the top.
    Pin notes and reminder

  • Export to PDF in Mobile(iOS) version

Sorry for my English mistakes, but English is not my native language too.(I am Brazilian)

Hi Gabriel,

Thank you for the suggestion.
I often get the feature request about tags so I hope it will solve some problems on using them.
Pinning notes would be nice, but I guess it’s not too late to consider it after we have “toggling tags in notebook list” feature. So let’s see how it actually works.

Default notebook is great, and I guess it would be nicer to remember the last opened notebook instead of just showing all notes when launched, because it’s more simple, without additional settings.

I understand PDF export on mobile is necessary. I’ll plan it to support.

Thanks again for your thoughts!

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Thanks!!! Congratulation and keep this great job!