Decrement ordered list numbers automatically when deleting a line

Bug report


When making numbered lists, if I have for example:

  1. blank1
  2. blank2
  3. blank3

and I delete the text blank2 along with its index in the list (the number 2), this is what I get:

  1. blank1
  2. blank3

Most text editors would already change the number to a 2, its a small issue but I think it could improve the user experience.

Hi Shaan,

Thanks for the suggestion.
I guess you mean what you get after deleting the number 2 is:

1. blank1
3. blank3

and yes it would be nice to decrement remained list numbers when deleting a line with Backspace.
It’s kind of awkward to deal with it as a ‘plain’ text editor unlike rich text editors.