Custom titlebar for Windows?

Feature Request

Would it be possible to do a custom titlebar on Windows? Especially in dark mode, the white strip across the top is very distracting, and the only controls/info there is the standard application name + window management. Assuming this is Electron, one can use a frameless window, but then you have to provide your own implementations of the standard window controls, which is possible but slightly annoying. Fullscreen mode helps a lot here, and I’ll probably just use that for now, but figured I’d log the request anyway.


  • Platform: Windows
  • Platform version: 10
  • App Version: 4.6.1

Hi Benedict,

Thank you for the suggestion.
The best way to do that is to create a plugin, but it seems that Electron does not have an API to
change the current window to frameless.
BTW, you can change the title bar color from Windows settings like so:

Yeah, I think you have to set it when the BrowserWindow is created. The Windows setting is also a reasonable workaround, but ideally Electron would just pick up on the fact that I have Windows set to dark mode already (plus, when the app isn’t focused it goes back to white). Fullscreen is a better workaround for now I think.

FYI: I could change inactive window title bar color by editing registry as this article describes:

Also you can hide the menu bar with hide-menu-bar plugin:

I’ve changed my mind. The white strip title bar looks so ugly. Here is a prototype:

It’ll be also available on Linux.

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Prototype looks amazing! Looking forward to it.

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v5.4.0 is out🎉