Custom Containers (aka like Vuepress)

Hello there,

Really like Inkdrop but there are some features missing that would make this even better. Can you please add support for Custom Containers that would render out differently (for tips, important etc). I am looking for something like Vuepress Custom Containers.

It would also be interesting to have a settings view where you can add the key for the container (important, tip, standard etc) and the color for that container so you don’t need to create a custom theme just to change the custom containers or their colors.

Hi @milotindragos,
Good timing, had the same thought and published a plugin yesterday that does basically that! xD

Still want to improve it a bit (use theme styles aso) but it’s working:
Check it out:

You can edit the title of each container and also make it collapsible. However if you want to change the colors or icons for the different blocks you would have to do it in the style file after you installed it.

PS: After activating the plugin you can just select text and press Crtl+Alt+a to automatically wrap it in a block.


Thank you for this :star_struck: I was just starting to see how I can do this. Will test your plugin out as it looks incredible. The only think now would be to be able to install plugins on an iOS device.

Thank you again for this :100:. It is exactly what I needed :wink:

Note: Dynalist App has custom CSS in both Windows and the iOS app

@andi the only problem is that the plugin does not work. I cannot install it. Can you please help?

  • If I try ipm install admontion I get the error: failed
    Request for package information failed: missing
  • If I try to download it from GitHub and install it manually I get the error Failed to load the admonition package because Cannot find module remark-custom-blocks

Ah yea there is a typo in the install command, my bad (now fixed it in the documentation)!
it should be:

ipm install admonition

(Make sure you remove your manually installed version before running)

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Stupid me :disappointed_relieved: so sorry but I did not see the typo. Yes this now works perfectly :+1:
@andi you are the man :100:

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