Current ipad support? apple pencil?

Hi folks, new user here. I like to mix markdown notes with hand-written notes, using my macbook for typing markdown and my ipad for “by-hand” calculations / derivations / diagram drawing. Is this possible with inkdrop? Maybe the ability to have a freeform block?

Hi Ronald,

Thank you for the suggestion.
I understand hand-writing on a tablet would be useful for some people.
However, Inkdrop is meant to be a plain-text Markdown note-taking app.
I’m focusing on improving it as comfortable as possible to write notes in Markdown.
So, I’m afraid that I’m not planning to support hand-writing for tablets.
You can insert images from another drawing app instead.

Understandable. Is there a relatively simple workflow from another writing/drawing app on the ipad for image insertion?

Thanks for your understanding!
At the moment, the mobile app does not support share extension (the iOS feature for exporting data to Inkdrop from another app) but I’m planning to support it in the current roadmap:

Many thanks - I will look forward to the update!

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