Creating/Ticking checkboxes does not update note view

Bug report

one more bug which I am not sure was introduced in v5.6.0 or was there earlier. Creating and ticking checkboxes does not update the checkbox progress bar in the notelist. Perhaps this is by design or hard to solve?


  • Platform: macOs
  • Platform version: Sonoma 14.0
  • App Version: v5.6.0

How to reproduce

I have a note and am adding checkboxes: It does not automatically update the note to show the progress bar

it does update, once I click ‘all notes’

Ticking the checkbox does not update the progress bar. It is required to click ‘all notes’ again


I just realized that it does update when I save (ctrl +s), but it only works for showing the progress bar, but not updating it after ticking/unticking the checkbox


Thanks for the report.
That is by design, where toggling checkboxes does not trigger saving the editing note immediately.
The note list always shows note content that is saved in the database.
The app would avoid frequently updating the database.