Counts and All Notes in Detail View

Not a bug report…

I have a question about this part of the UI:

  1. At the top, beside “Notes” it says 141 notes. Below that in the status section it doesn’t show numbers that can add up to ‘141’. Suggestion, add a ‘None’ category in there to list the ones without status, so the match can line up?

  2. It feels like I’ve asked this before, but is there a view in this detail section where I can see ALL of the notes no matter what the status is? Currently, if I mark something completed for example, then the only way I can see that note is going to completed. I can’t see it in context ever. Just curious!


Hi James,

Thank you for the question.
The number of “Notes” item indicates number of all notes in a notebook except for notes with Completed & Dropped status. Because “Notes” does not list them.
In your case, I guess you have two notes without status.
You can see them by searching with "status:none" condition.
Yeah it looks sort of weird actually though, I think having a “None” category is kind of redundant perhaps.
I need to know what other people think about it.

The behavior of hiding ‘Completed’ & ‘Dropped’ notes is hard-coded since the first version as I prefer not seeing notes that are done, like todo apps.
I understand your need but I’m afraid that it is hard to change by design.

Thanks again for letting me know your thoughts :slight_smile: