Copy text from OneNote, paste into InkDrop always results in image

I am trying to move material from OneNote (the desktop application, not OneNote Online) into InkDrop. If I select text in a OneNote page, use Ctrl-C to copy it, then use Ctrl-V to paste into Inkdrop, I get an image of the OneNote text in the InkDrop note, not the text itself.

I have tried carefully copying just the text (and not the enclosing text-frame) - whatever I do, I get the image in InkDrop.

I notice that the InkDrop context menu has a “Paste as Plain Text” command but it is always greyed-out. Paste as plain text is exacly what I want, and it would be great if this was mapped to ctrl-shift-c in InkDrop.

I suspect that when OneNote copies the selection to the clipboard, it creates multiple entries in more than one clipboard format. If I paste into a text editor, I get the text. When InkDrop pastes from the clipboard perhaps it only reads the first CF item? What I want is (I believe) CF_TEXT.

Have I missed something? Is there a way to enable that menu option?

Hi Roger,

Sorry, “Paste as Plain Text” has been removed in the last release because “Paste as Markdown” feature is now provided as a plugin and it’s not necessary anymore. But I forgot to remove the menu.
As you said, it seems like OneNote copies a text also as an image. Images take precedence over texts when you paste them on Inkdrop. So, at the moment, you have to paste into a text editor every time, which is annoying though.

I’ll make a plugin for the “Paste as Plain Text”.

Thanks for the report.

Here you are: paste-as-plain-text